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Coeymans Hollow Volunteer Fire Company

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1290 State Route 143
Coeymans Hollow, NY 12046

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Albany Med Flight

Albany Med FLIGHT is a rapid response, medically equipped helicopter transporting critically ill and injured patients requiring immediate acute care. Staffed by registered nurses and paramedics, Albany Med FLIGHT is an integral part of the prehospital transport system within eastern New York, western Massachusetts, and southern Vermont.  Click here to see our photos.    * Coeymans Hollow Fire Company uses Albany Med Flight about once a year to transport critically injured patients.

Picture of med flight






Lifeguard Helicopter

Lifeguard is a medically equipped helicopter transporting critically ill, injured or unaccessible patients requiring immediate acute care. Lifeguard is staffed by paramedics from Colonie EMS & NYS Police. The paramedics are trained for rappelling and the helicopter has the in air ability to allow a medic rappel into the deep woods to evacuate patient with a litter up in the air and to a nearby landing zone. Lifeguard can do short hauls for water rescue and is equipped with a FLIR unit (Forward Looking Infrared) which is useful for searches to find body heat, and heat sources.* On 4/10/1999 Lifeguard with its FLIR unit was one of the special teams used to help the Coeymans Hollow Fire Company and Albany county sheriffs find a lost boy.

Click for more Lifeguard pictures.